Right now, there is a user who will search for a very specific question on a search engine of their choice. This search engine will then interpret what to search for in a matter of milliseconds and find the best possible results for the search query at the same time. But how did the search engine know which options were the best ones? There is a lot that goes behind the data when one implements search for sites and this working of the search engine changes things for the user. 

When it comes to the data that your website has, it is divided into various fields. All kinds of data can come under certain fields. This is how data is grouped together. For example, mobile phones come under the field of electronics which come under the field of technology. So if someone initiates a web search engine for cutting edge technology with relevance to mobile phones, your data will have a higher chance of going up. This is possible when the data on your website is well mapped i.e defined to fields of meta-data.

Why Map your Data?

Merely classifying your categories of information with appropriate identifiers is what mapping your data entails. As a result, you may be able to settings accordingly. Identical sorts of data can be linked so that they are understood as groups with synonymous information. Your data needs to rank higher with all the online search engines out there today. This is an ever growing number. It gives you a competitive and relevant way to put out your data in the most apt manner. This is generally done in order to complete the meta fields in order to generate a great search result when a search query is created and entirely relies on the nature of the request.

Simply stated, mapping enables you to go ahead and be the ideal answer to any issues that the consumer could be experiencing. Because values are assigned and given, the search result might offer absolutely appropriate content, the only thing that remains is to gather together precisely what one is looking for in order to play to the best of their keyword search.

Stay Secure with API Keys

Many people have started to add something more to their search engines for better performance. Static site search for instance is something most brands have been trying to implement. With the help of an API Key as a part of your mapping, you have a unique identification code that helps you to specify your data when you need to call upon it and give access to specific technical adjustments. Since the API Key is a part of the data to give access to the front-end search page, your security is always in your hands and after any service requests, you can refresh your API key to gain security again. 

Personalize your Data With Map Fields

Map fields are a unique and effective way of assigning data values that can be called upon when the reach search query comes. Once assigned, the most relevant results can also be prioritized and sorted in order of relevance. 

There are specific map fields that you can access to better rank your data when the crawler comes looking. Search engines are equipped to organize and interpret their data with the help of search engine indexing tools that you need to better understand. While you can’t change the field itself, you can make some unique modifications to it like:

  • Using search engine modifiers allow you to display specific data depending on what you need to rank. The result modifier is for data like price tags. The count modifier is for tangible data values like the number of testimonials. There is even one that combines these two for specific preferences. By choosing which search engine modifier is most relevant, you can guide your data better. 
  • By altering the meta field values assigned, you can control the data that the crawler will extract and help you to display the perfect document as a search result. Sets of meta tags can be grouped differently in order to lead the crawler to the search result needed. 


At the end of the day, you know your data best. This is why mapping is a process that is most important to you in the picture of search web. With your help and smart technology, you can speak the language of search engines and drive your data through just the right channels.